Trying Guys

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Jin Powers
Rex Cobra
Anal Black Black and White Blowjobs Hardcore Interracial Muscle Pornstar

Imagine it: youre Jin Powers and youve had your eye on your close friend, Rex Cobra. Although you lust after Rex on a regular basis, you know Rex isnt sexually attracted to guys. Well what would you do if Rex one day, while chilling together on your couches at home, told you that he wants to see what its like to fuck a guy in the ass!! That just happened to Jin, and he is psyched! He knows that Rex brought it up because he wants his first guy on guy encounter to be with him. Rex starts by slowly removing his shirt. Jin knows exactly what to do to ease himself into this, without scaring Rex away. He gently begins kissing Rexs chest and stomach, working his way down toward the goods. Soon, hes pulling Rexs jeans down and taking his enormous cock into his mouth. Its even fatter and harder than Jin had dreamed. He takes down as much as he can, feeling his own erection growing. After some pleasuring of Rexs once forbidden dick, Jin removes his pants and carefully sits down atop Rex, working

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