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Bradleys Feet Flip Flops

Hogans Feet Socks

Javis Meaty Size 11 Feet

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Ashtons Size 11s In Flip Flops

Parrishs Size 11 In Bed

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Lornes Feet

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Ashtons Perfect Size 11s

Adams Hot Bare Feet

Bad Puppy - scene 768

Caseys White Socks Feet

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Orions Dress Socks Feet

Carmine's Feet & Flip-Flops

Bryce Evans Gorgeous Feet

Badpuppy brings you, 21 y o Neo and 19 y o Stefano, from Rio

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Danes Dress Socks Bare Feet

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Skylars Size 13 Feet

Connor Maguires Size 12 Feet

23 year old Nathan Locke comes to us from New York, NY. He i

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30 year old Gay Pornstar Mitch Vaughn, who also is a License

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31 year old Lucky Skill and 35 year old Andy West are a pair

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Sawyers Stunning Bare Feet

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Please welcome Josh to Badpuppy!

We continue our trek around the globe with 25 year old, Turk

An afternoon of frolic between Denis and Raul turns into an

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Sexy Rocco Shows His Feet

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