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My plan for today was to go shopping and looking for boys at

One of my friends invited me for a game of bowling. I almost

I never fuck a same boy twice unless he brings a friend alon

I was hunting around a shopping mall at the outskirts of Pra

I met this guy on his way to a shopping mall. I was super ho

Prague had been like a furnace these days. Thats why a wante

Another beautiful sunny day in Prague, so I decided to hunt

I was in a mood for a drink today. By the way I hate drinkin

My colleague recommended this little bitch to me. The guy re

Today I went for a walk along Vltava river. The river bank i

I was supposed to meet a boy that one of my fellow hunters f

Today I was hunting in front of the TV casting studio. I wan

Zdenek was a boy who let me fuck him recently because he nee

I met Zdenek while walking along a beach. The place was surp

Today I called one of my guys and told him that he can have

There are many beautiful islands on the Vltava river. One of

Summer is still in full swing here in the Czech Republic. Pe

This was an exceptionally warm day. I couldnt decide where t

I got an interesting phone call today. Jiri, one of the best

I met this crazy guy at a subway station. He loved sweets an

It was a terrible rainy day and I was stupid enough to hunt

This young student was just wandering around Prague looking

I was snooping around the Prague airport today. It wasnt a v

While roaming the city centre, I met two boys sightseeing. T

Petr was a wannabe businessman. When I met him, he was on th

I met Nicolas on my usual hunting trip and he was a godsend.

I noticed the guy while exploring a local shopping centre. H

Another capital catch this week! I was hunting at the Prague

Ive been looking around the city centre today. After a momen

Today I decided to look for guys at the busiest square in Pr

I decided to go shopping at one of the largest Asian market

I love having fun with guys who know each other well. Its al

The boy was waiting for his girlfriend and fortunately she w

I love fucking in public. The adrenaline rush is incredible

Today I went to a sports park. It was a pretty sweet idea be

I was in the mood for some young athletes today. I went to a

I seem to have influence on people Take this two guys. I met

Walking around a shopping centre I met Lukas. His car batter

It was very cold outside today so I decided to look around a

It was not snowing today so I decided to try hunting at the

Another freezing morning in Prague. I tried my luck at a sub

Ive always wanted to try racing karts. It looked really cool

I went to my friends party hoping for a nice catch. Unfortun

I went by a park today. Inside was an outdoor gym so I tried

I went hunting on the Wenceslas Square today. Its a tricky a

I wanted to do something crazy, something I normally never d

I wanted to hunt outside Prague. And to make things even mor

Today I went to a square with a nice Cathedral. I met two fu

I wanted to breathe some fresh air today, to enjoy sunny spr

There are really nice spring markets around Prague, so I dec

This was a very expensive evening but it was well worth it.

I was chilling out and looking for a nice catch when I saw t

Today I walked around a bus station looking for boys. After

It seem summer finally came to Prague. Nice weather had brou

Ive been looking for a new catch the whole morning. I met a

Summer is in full swing so I tried my luck at a popular lake

It was a beautiful day so I decided to go on a little trip.

I spent a lovely afternoon at a park. It was full of people

It was too damn hot in the city centre, so I decided to look

This was a crazy day. Sun was shining so I went out looking

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