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Logan sees how journalist Dave has been observing his work o

Once Dave gets a feel of Petes round meaty arse as he smacks

Journalist Dave diligently continues to question Donny while

Is there no end to Patricks shameless perversion!! Not only

Workman Patrick is utterly overwhelmed by the authority of h

Once Adrian brings the hotel manager up to his room the issu

Dave and Patrick cant believe their luck. Alan, now totally

The word on the street is that Alan is going to be made Head

With his job on the line all Pete can do is grip the desk ha

As journalist Dave finds himself drawn into Donnys special m

Pete is a very proud man but tears of humiliation are gather

At CMNM. Net, sporty Freddie acts the teasing slut begging t

At CMNM. Net, the illusion that Rowan is just a nice boy has

At CMNM. Net, footballer Freddie is full of swagger and test

For a masculine straight fella like Richard its excruciating

Mean bastard Richard has passed the test and has his first a

Footballer Freddie wanted to be initiated up the arse like a

Hunky sadist Mr Granite has been stripped down stark naked a

Every great athlete needs discipline and Mancastle United cl

Mr Granite has revealed in his treatment of delinquent boy R

Handsome young father Pedro is in crisis as everything hes b

This is a respectable decent man who wants to be a good fath

Its been a long day at the office and two randy businessmen

The Headmaster and school faculty are keen to show the snoop

Detective Davidson is the type of brawny masculine fella who

Cuffed naked to the exam table prisoner Killian is consumed

Pompous businessman Joseph has been stricken in a very vulne

Hot tempered Irishman Killian OConnor thinks he can escape t

Embarrassed builder Oleg is situated naked on all fours on t

Joseph Rickmansworth is a businessman who considers himself

James thinks it will be a walk in the park to get a job at M

The lads all crowd around stark naked David mocking him as a

Imagine taking part in a sexual dare which suddenly goes too

This the first time that hetero William has ever had sexual

Given his history of crime, prisoner Killian cant be trusted

High flying office worker Joseph is used to being in complet

Footballer Paolo knows he comes from a high pedigree with hi

At CMNM. Net, Jamess first day on the job isnt quite going a

At CMNM. Net, the suited bastards have used Marcs arse and n

At CMNM. Net, when businessmen gang up on their workmates th

At CMNM. Net, slick businessman Marc has been betting with c

At CMNM. Net, tough brute Richard is interviewing for an ext

At CMNM. Net, Richard spends most of his time at the gym, bu

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At CMNM. Net, hes sucked the boss dick but if James wants to

At CMNM. Net, the landlord yammers on in a foreign language

At CMNM. Net, raised under strict protective care in his wea

At CMNM. Net, luckily these men dont know what the law is or

At CMNM. Net young Tarquin is used to being a star player an

The amount of men in debt is rising every day. While this is

Proud masculine Yuris has been used like a slut by the men a

At CMNM. Net Enrico is disgusted that the mens insistent str

At CMNM. Net, when Yuris grudgingly agreed to strip fully na

At CMNM. Net, tempers ride high when Enrico comes upon the m

At CMNM. Net, embarrassed schoolboy Tarquin only recently st

At CMNM. Net, the studly boxer is pinned naked between the t

At CMNM. Net, Dale is the new champion fighter and everyone

At CMNM. Net, having got a promising glimpse of office manag

At CMNM. Net, sweaty and on a high from winning the world ch

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