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Was not my day so far. I met a boy earlier. He was just 18 a

To find young dudes for my little, evil project is sometimes

Sun was shining and I decided to visit the Petrin. This is a

The weather is getting better these days. Ive met a dude, wi

This cold weather is starting to bother me. Only way how to

I usually dont like those over-confidant swaggers but the fi

I think confidence is a very useful trait. But today applica

The lowest debt ever. This young fella needs only 11,000. Sp

Oh, I love Friday so much. Guess why!! Its a day in a week w

Todays pick was a Slovakian guy. There is something about Sl

I ended up in the very city centre of Prague, close to Wench

What happened to me today was just awesome. Amongst the thin

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And another case of a young lad, living in a nice studio apa

The usual procedure of me is to ask about their debts and ge

Today I chose world famous Charles bride as my spot. Its ful

Looks like the sumer is fully on, so I am thrilled to fuck y

So many hot young dudesve been walking around me today. It w

Today I received an email from a guy who lived quite far awa

What actually is a regular guy! I am sorry for asking but I

Again a dreary autumn day in Prague. When I woke up I was al

When we decided to start our agency we expected that all the

We have a pretty huge Vietnamese market here in Prague. Its

I never leave home without my cam. When I saw a blond cutie

I had very special mood today. Couldnt decide which young ma

It was a rainy late afternoon when I had a meeting with a yo

This summer feeling as they call it, is making me so horny.

With all the fuzz going around me I was worried if I am gonn

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This week, our cameraman happens upon a broad-shouldered hun

Our cameraman makes a long-awaited trip to Los Angeles and m

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