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Latin Leche - scene 68

Latin Leche - scene 68

Czech Hunter 633

Dirty Scout 288

Czech Hunter 634

Czech Hunter 635

Dirty Scout 289

Dirty Scout 285

Czech Hunter 630

Dirty Scout 286

Czech Hunter 631

Dirty Scout 287

Czech Hunter 632

Latin Leche - scene 66

Latin Leche - scene 66

I am always curious how the boys look like who called me to

I was supposed to meet a boy that one of my fellow hunters f

Young people are so into modern technologies and social medi

I saw this one buying ice cream and I instantly knew he was

I was so happy to find a cutie willing to talk. You can imag

I stopped for kebab today. Waiting in the line, I met a youn

Today I chose a shopping mall and got lucky as soon as I get

I guess you would have to be Czech to fully appreciate peopl

This boy was a regular whore. But he was far from easy to co

In front of a hospital I almost bumped into a guy looking at

I didnt trust this guy one bit. His apartment was too nice a

It is sad when a man cannot take care of himself. I am a com

Im sometimes amazed by the conditions some people can live i

I met a real tough guy today. Tattoos, wrist bends, baseball

This boy was a pleasant surprise at first, he was nicely dre

It happens quite often that people dont like my offers. But

Working abroad is always a good experience and it looks very

This guy was funny. He barged into my office and asked for a

A medical high school graduate came into my office today. He

I love taking advantage of straight boys who desperately nee

Such a lovely guy visited me in my office today! He wanted a

If you like fresh unspoiled meat, this is your boy. He turne

Like every year I have the feeling that I gained a few kilos

After Christmas sales always bring crowds into shopping mall

Another night, another try. Today I spotted a boy at the bus

I was picking up a broken camera from a repair shop when I r

This time I have a special treat for you guys. I met a young

Train stations are a great place to look for young boys from

These kind of stories happen only in real life. The young ma

There are cute indebted boys everywhere. Why would I waste m

Another opportunity to help struggling young people. This un

This had to be the shiest boy I have ever met in my office.

Architecture is a very interesting thing to study. Unfortuna

This guy looked a bit eccentric. He barged into my office wi

You know whats really weird! That every shy boy I meet in my

A cute Slovakian guy came to my office today. He wanted to m










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