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Hugo - XXX Castings

His bubble butt first, his dazzling smile and his effervesce

Marco - XXX Castings

Alessio is a pig. When I paired him with Gigi for his second

You wont believe what two horny guys can do on around a trac

What does Giuseppe Pardi excel at! Playing the piano or ridi

Alex Magnum is a pro. 6 feet tall, a mountain of muscles and

Philippe is only 19, but has already honed his porn skills.

Italian newcomer Bruno Boni is a strapping lad from Florence

I think Stefano and dynamo comes to mind. The most inventive

Talk about a swimmers build... A real swimming instructor, G

Sexy, well built and popular. I thought Andrea was straight,

Brandon Lewis and Giuseppe Pardi: all-American looks and Eur

Giuseppe hass long deserved an outdoor shoot, but it was too

If you doubt the boys from Palermo are the sexiest and the m

A ghost hotel, an architect, a horny vagabond. Power bottom

Another stunner from Palermo. What is it about these Sicilia

A porn star from France and a newcomer from Rome, a strong t

I couldnt wait for my second casting trip to Romania. The fi

Giuseppe comes to America. Follow this 26 year old Hungarian

It took me two hours to get 23 year old Thiago comfortable b

Smile: check and oh-so-contagious. Abs: check. Pecs: check.

What kind of name is Caua, you ask! It doesnt matter, this 1

I knew Ivan wanted me, so we kept the interview short and cu

20 year old Rosario embodies the idea of the Italian male: t

I took Angelo and my stills man to the Central Station in Ca

Rick is 20 and enjoys just about everything: Bottoming, topp

These muscle giants are the perfect match for each other: bo

Butt beautiful. Feast your eyes on Cristians glorious buttoc

Without braces, Coyotes sexy smile would be a 10! Then again

Eric and Vilem are real-life friends. Both consider themselv

Tall, slender Gennaro drills muscular Erik: both tall 6 feet

Part 1 got Ettore and Damien in bed together. Part 2 deliver

25 year old Darius left Budapest to pursue his dreams and a

Meet 28 years old Alessandro Basile: ripped, hung, masculine

Wagner is lucky when it comes to... boyfriends. You first me

Before they were stars! All three are 5 7, all three are won

You watched real-life lovers Diego and Wagner in part 1: big

Few actors are as aware of the camera as Lucas: hed often su

Despite his Italian-sounding name, Giorgio hails from the Cz

From Naples with love! Manuel is 26, studies engineering and

Our HOT Brazilian Summer continues with 23 year old Vito: fu

No lights, no crew: just me, my voyeur cam and the young men

15th anniversary set: DEREK CAMERON: Celebrating 15 years of

If you have a thing for ripped jocks --and who doesnt!--, fo

Salvatore is the epitome of the Italian male: black hair, bl

When the action moves indoors, things get hotter... and raun

Leonardo is a 22 year old bricklayer with lush, full lips an

Victor is one of the few Czech models to self-identify as ga

Florenzo - XXX Castings

Body perfect. Tall, athletic, impossibly handsome... just ab

Its Raul Korsos month at LucasKazan. Rauls black hair, olive

Jim is the first of three Romanian applicants. Romania is kn

Bored with sightseeing, Giuseppe ends up at PierOpenSpace, M

Hes all-Sicilian, tall, buff, horny and nasty. Above all, th

I like him a lot, Jean Franko wrote when I first e-mailed hi

Happy birthday, ETTORE TOSI. The blue-eyed sex beast so the

Angel Marco

This second chapter in the Addicted series features Neapolit

You first met Marco in a solo for LucasKazan --his big cock

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