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Draining The Morning Wood

the casting room set 93

Burning Love

Jesse is a hot-bodied hetero man straight out of the army. H

Homemade one-man gay vid!

Hetero newbie Dusty looks like the kind of tattooed surfer d

Nick is a fit tattooed man in his prime. Weve recently exper

Going back a few years we were looking for a confident domin

This guy was funny. He was constantly broke, he had no job,

I met people who were very passionate about their tattoos be

Having an emancipated strong woman as a partner is sometimes

Having a new flat is amazing. Who wouldnt like it, right! Un

Its me - Martin. After a small break I think its time to get

Actually the place wasnt so bad. Nice neighbourhood - small

On this glorious afternoon, Ive received a call from a young

Handsome rugby player Jerry

Shane is a buff Australian ex-airforce man who loves to fuck

Straight Men come for porn auditions and end up naked and em

Straight Men come for porn auditions and end up naked and em

Straight Men come for porn auditions and end up naked and em

Its unbelievable how much I love this job. Young boys are al

I had to take a long ride to get to the house of my todays t

This boy was in a real rush to get money from me. And no won

This boy was a mystery. He didnt want to talk about his job

This guy was simply super cute, he could easily be a model.

Martial arts man Don has a lot of experience and hes at his

Sexy hetero Max is a stunner but a curious case. He played f

Hetero Roger is a strong tough worker who is used to long da

Intensely sexual young Alon is keen to turn his varied and d

Ales looked like someone who used to be a nerd for the most

This boy got himself into a pretty hopeless situation. He to

More and more people come to Prague to start a new life. Its

This guys life wasnt exactly a success story. He graduated f

This young guy had a family of three. He loved them so he di

Its funny how different countries perceive the sexual lives

Dean is an 18 year old anal virgin, but we make him break hi

It is sexy when a man nervously blushes! Ronni is a confiden

Buff stud Adrian is back for a groping session! He was so ne

Weve got a real treat with this fresh heterosexual boy! An 1

Billy enters with the cool confidence of a hypersexual dude

Straight man Adrian is embarrassed about how skilful we are

Debt Dandy free porn gallery set 185

Yesterday I visited again the suburbs of Prague. A young cli

Today I had an interesting call. An apparently young guy was

You need money! Ok, Ill come over and hear you out. And mayb

Was not my day so far. I met a boy earlier. He was just 18 a

We went through the usual procedure of me asking about their

With this job I discovered for myself that Czechs do not hav

The urge to fuck was strong. But as there were almost one we

My phone was ringing early today. Another desperate fish in

I happen to be out of Prague this time. Almost had to drive

The lowest debt ever. This young fella needs only 11,000. Sp

Stupidity and lack of thinking brought him into the situatio

I hope you all survived the christmas parties and the hangov

So finally the Xmas is here and we are looking forward to ne

Another friday morning, and I feel so horny. Not that I dont

I have just met one of the most beautiful boy. Living only a

My todays pick was a young gipsy guy living on the outskirts

Oh, I love Friday so much. Guess why!! Its a day in a week w

I had to go to the very edge of Prague for my todays prey. W

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