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Bodybuilder Bruno Formansky from Warsaw has somehow found hi

Xavier is one of those no-nonsense attitude-free muscle men

Vin Marco: Skylight

Tom Anderson the frat man you always dreamed would give you

Beefy sex machine Kyle Stevens bares all this week! A thick

Kurt Beckmann returns to with a new collection of all

Tiger beat musclepup Chad Harley is on the prowl again. Seem

Cocky Benny Ryder takes to the camera with brash ease at Pow

New York City muscle fans fondly remember the great muscleme

Gilberto Nestore can best be described as the strong, silent

Kurt Beckmann returns to with a new collection of 9 a

Your muscle dream cum true has returned! Fritz Helm, everyon

In his first Powermen appearance, exclusive model Tommy Rock

There is something about football player and bodybuilder Joe

There is no one that comes close to the muscular beauty of H

Intensely masculine Vic Rocco is steel hard ripped muscle fr

Sean Patrick is the epitome of the All-American jock fantasy

Alain Lamas Baseball 01

Brad Hatcher is a super-masculine competitive bodybuilder an

Lucky us. We got to spend the night in a hotel with the tall

This is the very first appearance of LiveMuscleShow performe

Hardcore beef fans: meet Champion Gil dela Cruz, a huge supe

Gordon Burke is our latest and greatest find! A frisky, wise

Muscle firecracker Timmy Riordan has crash landed in another

Marc Bentley is originally from Brazil but lives in Hamburg

Tommy Rockets is cruising the streets at night, checking out

Helmut Mueller is a regular college jock, except he is a lit

When Earl Wallace grew up on a farm far in the countryside,

F Sporting an even tighter physique than when we last saw hi

Not all musclemen are fierce, and hard, and brutal, and mean

For those who think - and crave - young, we bring you newcum

Peter Porter is that kind of Boy Next Door you have been wai

Timmy Riordan is big, young, hung, and knows what he s got.

Randy is not just his first name, but also the British word

Kick boxer Harold works as a karate coach in a small town in

Marlon Hunter just got out of college and started working at

More muscle gym jo fantasy! Tough, quiet middleweight compet

Sebastian Storm is a tennis pro - looking for a match. The g

Kane Griffin and Jay Brosnan could probably find a lot more

Down and dirty Muscle-pup Bo Armstrong is our latest and gre

Eastern European Junior Bodybuilding Champion Anatoly Demido

You can tell at a glance that Manuel Melia s a happy-go-luck

Bigger is always better. Take Kent Franklin for example. Thi

Paling around with Conor McNulty and his buddy Cesar gets th

Melvin is a real muscle worshipper who finally got to explor

Latin Muscle Man Totally Nude!

European Gay Porn Star

Big Butt Muscle Man EXPOSED!

Japanese Muscle Boy Ko Ryo

Dante Putkov may be only 18 years old, but this Gypsy boy kn

A lush, tropical forest serves as the back drop to Roger s s

19-year old Cody Miller already has an ambitious goal ahead

Pepe Mendoza shows off his latin cock and muscle for all to

We flew muscle maniac Macho to Cancun for a little holiday f

Is Glute-tastic a word! Well, it should be! Ali Galani is on

Dragos Milovich has a good thing going. With a fleet of youn

A new muscleman street stud from Atti

Some fantasies are just too good to keep to yourself. When t

You ever hear of a town called Pleasantdale! No! No one has.

Straight Bodybuilder Tricked Into Getting Naked. When 2 big

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