Hung Raw Wrestlers Part 1

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Malik Delgaty
Skyy Knox
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

Two weeks ago, Malik Delgaty and Skyy Knox faced off in the ring, and heel Skyy cock-slapped Malik across the face and took the belt! Today at Asshole Mania, Malik is ready for his revenge. The wrestlers enter the arena to cheers and jeers, and Malik quickly shows that this time, hes going to be the one dominating. Skyy tries to regain the advantage by squeezing Maliks balls, but it has no effect! To the bearded villains disbelief, the muscular top effortlessly pushes Skyy to his knees and fucks his face. Malik even picks Skyy up for an upside-down blowjob before bending him over the ropes and fucking him doggystyle. But Skyy wont let the upstart face take his title that easily, tossing Malik to the mat and riding his cock! Malik counters with a piledriver, then cements his victory by pounding the heel in missionary till Skyy cums, then giving him a facial!

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