Abraham vs Alexandr

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Abraham Kohn and Alexandr Jander are paired in a submission wrestling match. They both look so good as they do some stretching to limber up ready for the match. Then they begin, with Alexandr immediately divesting Abraham of his underwear. They grapple with each other as they roll over the mats. Alexandrs underwear is pulled off too so that both are fully naked and exposed. Alexandr quickly manages a good neck hold which brings him the first submission. When they resume the match he is soon straddling Abraham and rubbing his cock and balls over the face. Abraham is intent on doing the same as they continue rolling around on the mats, trying to gain a decent hold. The ass holes get shown as cheeks spread as they get to grips with each other. Alexandr manages to gain another point with a good hold. The match continues with each giving his all to get a good hold. They make grabs for each others dick too. Again Alexandr sits on Abraham to rub the cock and balls on his face. He also grabs at Abrahams cock . There is some playful spanking too as they continue to try for a submission hold. Abrahams cock gets rubbed over Alexandrs face too. Abraham works hard and is able to gai

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