Petr Muzikar

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Petr Muzikar is enjoying a wank on the sofa when he is joined by a helping hand. The hand takes hold of Petrs cock and wanks it as the other hand feels the balls. Petr rubs his nipples as some oil is dripped onto his body and over his cock. The hands rub the oil over that sexy chest and onto the stiff cock. The foreksin is pulled over the cock head as it is wanked. Then Petrs balls are squeezed and rubbed too. His cock is rock hard as it is wanked. Then his pants are removed and his legs spread. The cock is wanked more and stands proudly to attention. The balls are squeezed again too as the cock is wanked. Then Petr is turned on to his left side, exposing his ass and the tight hole. That ass is given a spank and then it is rubbed all over. Oil is dripped onto the ass as it is rubbed. Petr reaches down and rubs his hole. The hands rub that hole too and soon a finger is pushed deep inside. That finger works the hot hole as Petrs cock and balls are trapped between his thighs. The hole seems to open up well so two fingers are soon inside. Those fingers fuck deep into the eager ass hole, stretching it wide. Tunring onto his back, with his legs up, Petr gets the fingers in his ass aga

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