All-In: Micah Martinez and Brian Bonds

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Brian Bonds
Micah Martinez
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar Punishment Submission

Brian Bonds waits in a hospital room, lying on his back, blindfolded and naked with his legs spread. Micah Martinez lubes up his hand and shoves a few fingers inside Brians asshole. He stretches Brians ass with his fingers, getting it ready for his entire hand. He pauses to sniff and lick Brians musky pits. He plays with his nipples and slaps his body. Micah gets a big black, missile-shaped toy, covers it in lube and slides it inside Brians asshole. His ass swallows the entire thing and Micah slowly fucks him with it. He puts the toy away and works his fist inside Brians hole. Micah fist-fucks Brians asshole deep and hard until Brian pushes out his glorious rosebud. After a thorough fisting, Brian wants his hole stretched even further. Micah places a gigantic dildo on a padded gurney and Brian sits on it, sliding it deep inside his asshole, stretching it to the limit. He bounces up and down on the giant dildo and jerks himself off. He turns around, sits on Micahs fist, and cums in his face as he fucks Micahs arm.

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