Helix Latin Camp Part 6: Be Prepared

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Antu Burghos
Cesar Rose
Corey Vargas
Felix Harris
Giorgio Angelo
Lance Mayer
Rick Lennon
Sly Conan
Tommy Ameal
Vincent Landi
Anal College Hardcore Twinks

Helix Latin Camp 6 is here, the end of this series! It is the last day of camping. Half of the youth group is playing cards and the other half is setting up tents, gathering firewood, they work with great dedication, they are ready for anything. Scout Captain Vincent challenges those who play cards without helping, but since he wants to party and relax, he hands out drinks for everyone. The long-awaited orgy of 10 guys is coming, yes, 10! They start kissing as a group in their green uniforms. Its cold outside but the guys know how to turn the temperature up to 100 percent. Under the tent they begin to undress their bodies, some on top of the table, others standing and others of course kneeling sucking penises. They are armed with versatile, active and passive, all enjoy equally ... but with different actions: some with two cocks in their mouth, others sucking nipples, others licking their penis in a row. Captain Vincent chooses one of them to be his little dog ... He puts him on all fours on the table and rubs his cock on the cheeks of his ass, dominating him and begins to put his huge penis in his round ass. All the passives drop their pants to receive a penis. Two passive partner

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