Cal And Jacob

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I am a wicked wicked man, I spent Saturday at a local strip club. I was bored, and the guys here are so damn hot its hard not to have a good time. The best part is that there are tons of cute guys hanging out watching the guys like me. I saw Jacob and a friend stuffing some cash down a tight ass guys g-string and went over to strike up a conversation. I thought what the hell, lets find out if they want to go home with me and do more than stuff money down guys pants. They agreed and as soon as we hit my place they raced to the bedroom and started to strip down, they were so keyed up from the guys at the club that they couldnt help themselves. I was ecstatic, I didnt have to talk them into anything, I just had to grab my video camera and start taping. When I got back they were already down to their underwear lying in bed fondling each other, making those cocks hard inside those tight undies. Cal looked great in his printed undies and Jacob was getting pretty hard in his as Cals hand reached inside to stroke him. That was when Jacob leaned over and started kissing on Cals nipple as he began to jerk and stroke on his dick even more. He soon has Cals undies off and he is lickin

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