Mind Fucker: Leo Forte, Ricky Larkin, and Brian Bonds RAW

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Brian Bonds
Leo Forte
Ricky Larkin
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar Punishment Submission

Leo Forte has Ricky Larkin bound to a big circular leather device. Across from and facing him sits a naked Brian Bonds, bound with rope to an awkward wooden bench. Leo opens his knife and cuts the clothes from Ricky. He grabs a cattle prod and teases Ricky with it making him scream and squirm. Leo flips Ricky upside-down, grabs his big hard hog and slaps it with a leather paddle. After that, Leo wraps rope around Rickys cock and balls and ties the other end around Brians head. Leo grabs a big leather flogger and hits Brians back, making his head pull on Rickys bound bulge. Next comes the cat-of-nine-tails and Leo whips it across Brians back. After that, Ricky is then bound in rope to the wooden device, and Brian is on his knees sucking his cock while Leo fucks his ass deep and hard.

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