Stocked And Cocked Seth Santoro Beaten And Fucked In A Stock

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Brian Bonds
Sebastian Keys
Seth Santoro
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Wearing nothing but a leather harness and jock, muscle-stud Seth Santoro stands with his head, arms, and legs trapped, locked in wooden stockades. A metal spider-gag holds his mouth wide open. Sebastian Keys marches in, eager to get started. He grabs at Seths tanned muscular body, hits and slaps his hard muscles, and squeezes Seths big cock through the leather jock strap. Sebastian unbuttons the jock and Seths hard cock pops out twitching, begging to be teased some more. Sebastian hits his hard cock with his hands and a leather crop. He slaps and punches Seths six pack abs and lowers him to a kneeling position. Sebastian rolls in the gimp, Brian Bonds, whos been locked in a cage with a raging hard-on for hours. Sebastian unlocks the cage and the gimp hurries to the kneeling Seth Santoro. He grabs him by the head and begins fucking his open mouth through the spider-gag. Seth gets repeatedly hit on his ass, back, and chest with a leather flogger while the gimp continues skull-fucking. Next, Sebastian attaches clothespins up and down randomly on Seths torso, his nipples, and across his eyebrows, all still while getting his mouth pounded by the gimps big angry cock. In the next

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