Getting His Michael Delray Captures, Ties Up, Fucks Nic Saha

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Michael Del Ray
Nic Sahara
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Locked in a clock tower, tied up with rope to a wooden chair, burlap sack over his head, Nic Sahara struggles to break free. Michael DelRay enters the room and removes the burlap hood. Nic instantly recognizes Michael as one of his old crime buddies and asks him when did he get out of jail. Michael tells him that hes been in jail for three years and was just released early. He tells Nic that he knows he snitched on him and that for there years hes been planning his revenge. Nic denies the accusations and Michael gets to work on him, hoping that hell get him to confess. Michael rips open Nics shirt and repeatedly punches him in the stomach. He pinches Nics nipples and rips off his jeans with his bare hands. He cuts off Nics underwear with scissors and fashions them into a gag, stuffs them into Nics mouth and ties them behind his head. Michael gets his leather flogger and hits Nic in the chest and stomach hoping to get him to confess but Nic continues to insist that he did not snitch on him. Michael removes the gag from Nics mouth and shoves his big fat cock in there. Nic reluctantly sucks it at first but stops resisting and lets Michael fuck his mouth. Michael attaches rope

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