The Last Men, Part 2

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Ryan Bones
Shane Jackson
Anal Bareback Blowjobs British Hardcore Pornstar

After letting his guard down, Ryan Bones awakens in the abandoned house with a headache and his gun missing. Recovering in a daze, he soon hears shots being fired from outside. From the window of the house, he notices a body laying on the ground and cautiously steps outside to investigate. He can barely believe his luck when he not only finds a young man, shirtless and unconscious but a loaded handgun right next to him! This time, Ryan isnt taking any chances. He swipes the gun and handcuffs the young man, bringing him inside the house. Upon regaining consciousness, the young man, Shane Jackson, reveals that a group of people tried to kill him. But Ryan wants more information, and he is more than willing to rough up his captive when he senses hesitation. If a mouthful of cock doesnt loosen his tongue, an assful surely will

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