For Better Or For Worse Stepbrothers Fight And Fuck Before W

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Pierce Paris
Vander Pulaski
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Pierce Paris is not about to let his stepbrother Vander Pulaski tie the knot with his beau. Pierce remembers all the nights they spent together and hes not going to let Vander forget the bond they share. Dressed in leather pants, leather gloves, leather boots, and a leather harness, Pierce ties his brother up in his wedding tux and blindfolds him. Vander cant believe Pierce is doing this today of all days. He struggles in bondage and ties to convince Pierce to let him go so he can get married. Pierce is upset that his stepbrother would even dream of pledging himself to a monogamous relationship with someone who is not Pierce. All those shared blow jobs meant something to him, and hes not about to let his stepbrother ruin their family. He rips off Vanders clothes and flogs his brothers chest, ass, and cock. Vander yells for Pierce to stop, but he cant stop the smell and sting of his brothers leather on his skin from turning him on. Next Pierce ties Vander to mattress springs. He hangs weights from Vanders balls and climbs up on the mattress to fuck Vanders mouth. Vander doesnt want to at first, but he has no choice but to take every inch of his stepbrothers monster cock i

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