Ass Fiends, Scene 02

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Micah Brandt
Ryan Rose
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

Super stud Ryan Rose takes notice of the frame full of muscles that is Micah Brandt. Hanging out next to a sex swing, Micahs eyes invite Ryan over to join him. After an exchange of cruising, Ryan heads over and locks lips with Micah. The making out has Micah hitting the floor and swallowing all of Ryans cock down to his balls. Intensifying the oral ecstasy, they alternate spit-dripping and tongue-drilling rim jobs. Micah moans out Im ready for your cock and Ryan is instantly on it, jamming his hefty, rock-hard meat into Micahs hungry hole. Completely dominating his bottom, Ryan leads Micah to the swing and secures his legs in the straps before grabbing hold of Micahs shoulders and pounding him like hes never been drilled before. Screams of euphoric pleasure echo as they both spew huge loads onto Micahs washboard abs.

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