Troy the Tank Sparks Vs Doug the Destroyer Acre

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Doug Acre
Troy Sparks
Anal BDSM Hardcore Humiliation Pornstar Wrestling

Troy SparksThe TankHt: 510Wt: 170lbsSeason W L Record 1-2Doug AcreThe DestroyerHt: 56Wt: 150lbsSeason W L Record 6-0 After a 6-0 winning spree, Doug The Destroyer Acre is welcomed back onto the NK mat. His opponent this bout is Troy The Tank Sparks. The Tank is looking to tarnish Destroyers perfect record and give him a taste of his own medicine by showing him what its like to be the bottom bitch. The Destroyer plans on making The Tank eat his own words and add another notch to his undefeated record. Will The Tank go down in NK history as the first man to single handily take down The Destroyer! Or will Destroyers reign of terror continue as another kombatant lies in his wake!

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