Ivan the Terrible Gregory Vs Jessie cut Throat Colter

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Ivan Gregory
Jessie Colter
Anal BDSM Hardcore Humiliation Pornstar Wrestling

Ivan GregoryThe TerribleHt: 63Wt: 195lbsSeason W L Record 0-0Jessie ColterCut-ThroatHt: 62Wt: 195lbsSeason W L Record 3-4 Newcomer Ivan The Terrible Gregory hails all the way from South Africa. Standing at 63, Ivan definitely has the size and stature to handle whoever we throw at him. Enter Jessie Cut-Throat Colter, after losing his last match to Jed Ass-Wrecker Athens, Cut-Throat is more determined than ever to dominate the match. Will the south african stud get the better of Cut-Throat or will he fall to the old classic saying: The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall!

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