Alexander the Great Gustavo Vs Dominic the Dominator Pacific

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Alexander Gustavo
Dominic Pacifico
Anal BDSM Hardcore Humiliation Pornstar Wrestling

Dominic PacificoThe DominatorHt: 57Wt: 170lbsSeason W L Record 1-2Alexander GustavoThe GreatHt: 59Wt: 150lbsSeason W L Record 0-0 Back after gaining his first win against Kirk Kick-Ass Cummings, Dominic The Dominator Pacifico returns for more sexual domination. His opponent is first timer Alexander The Great Gustavo, a hot, ripped hunk with a background in jiu-jitsu. With his grappling background, Alexander The Great is more than confident hes going to give Dominator a third loss onto his record. Dominator has about twenty pounds on the newcomer, and plans on wearing out his opponent throughout all three rounds before dominating him in the sex round. Stay tuned to see whos ass gets fucked!

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