School Projects

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Dante Martin
Miles Matthews
Anal Bareback Hardcore Jocks Pornstar

Dante Martin seems pretty stressed out about the school project thats due on Monday. Project partner and roommate Miles Matthews doesnt seem bothered at all, but thats likely because he forgot it was due and Dantes doing all the work. Nonetheless, when he sees Dante stressing he tells him to take a break, rubbing his tense shoulders and giving him a small peck on the cheek. Dante smiles and looks up at Miles, suddenly realizing exactly what kind of break Miles is talking about. Standing, he faces Miles, and they kiss as they both disrobe. Miles falls to his knees and takes Dantes hard dick into his mouth. Dante shoves his head down further onto his cock as Miles chokes on it. He quickly returns the favor, downing Miles cock to the base, but Miles is so horny he wastes no time in standing Dante back up and bending him over the desk. Now that hes got Dante where he wants him, he slides his big dick into Dantes waiting hole, spreading his cheeks wide so he can watch his cock going in and out. Dante closes his eyes and moans with every thrust, before Miles picks up the pace and begins to pound him. Dante tells Miles to get on the desk, where he mounts him and begins to grind on

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