While out to lunch one day, we came across Dallas J. He walk

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Dallas J
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While out to lunch one day, we came across Dallas J. He walked in with his buddies and he caught our eye. We must have been staring because next thing you now he struck up a conversation with us. He perked up when we told him what we did for a living and couldnt get enough attention after that. We could tell Dallas enjoyed showing off and was eager to get naked in front of the cameras. When the day arrived, Dallas walked in, semi-hard through his jeans. He was extremely horny and anxious to get down to business. While we took pictures of him, he told us how he loves to be taken advantage of. He definitely loves to get fucked and especially enjoys a rough partner. He loves to be choked and have his hair pulled while getting pounded. Never mind Dallas being hard, WE were all boned! After the photos Dallas started to play with his pink hole as he worked his fat cock. Dallas rewarded us with a puddle of cum all over his belly as he gasped for air. He didnt tell us what he fantasized about but we have a pretty good idea!

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