Bound For Sodom Part 1

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Cody Winter
Dallas Steele
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Cody Winter and Draven Navarro are two Mormons taking a road trip to the Missionary Training Center. When they stop in the middle of the desert to take a look at an abandoned town, they get spooked by a sign on the ground that reads Sodom. They run out of the ghost town and crash their car resulting in their abduction by a creepy Sheriff and the Lord of Sodom. Sheriff Dallas Steele takes Cody to a quiet place outside and ties him from head to toe with rope to a giant cement pillar sticking out of the sand. Sheriff Steele grabs Codys cock through his pants and pulls. He leans in to Codys face and tells him sternly whos boss and then rips Codys shirt open. The Sheriff cuts Codys underwear off and pulls out a crop, slapping Codys stomach and cock. Sheriff Steele gets medical clamps and locks one to each of Codys nipples and one more to clamp Codys foreskin shut then uses the crop once again. The Sheriff gets on his knees, removes the clamp and sucks Codys cock. After that, Cody gets on his knees still tied to the pillar and reluctantly gets face-fucked by the Sheriffs big dick. Next we find Cody blindfolded, balancing on a tractor tire with a spreader bar between his legs

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