The Thirst Is Real, Scene 04

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Rikk York
Tegan Zayne
Anal Blowjobs Hardcore Jocks Muscle Pornstar Tattooed Men

Passionate kissing has furry Tegan Zayne and tatted bad boy Rikk York ready to fuck! Tegan gets down and dirty with a blowjob for Rikks big, veiny cock. Spit flies as Tegan takes in Rikks member all the way to the back of his throat. Tegan lays back and holds his legs in the air to let Rikk pile-drive his hairy hole with his tongue. He moves from Tegans hole to his cock, then sucks on Tegans heavy balls. To open up Tegans hole, Rikk spreads his cheeks, then goes in for a prostate massage with his tongue. More spit allows Rikk to make progress, getting deeper and deeper until Tegan is ready to take his big cock. With quick and powerful thrusts, Rikk has Tegan totally hooked on his dick. Tegan moans with delight and strokes his cock as Rikk pounds his tight hole. It would be a shame for Tegan not to use his huge cock on Rikks hole, so they flip. With his hairy ass and big balls, Rikks hole is a mega treat for Tegan, whose balls slap against Rikks legs with each thrust. When theyre both r

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