Straight Boy Seductions 2, Scene 01

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Andrew Fitch
Nick Capra
Anal Daddy Hardcore Pornstar

Nick Capra types away at his novel, but his writers block is getting the best of him. Distracted, he calls down to the concierge for assistance with his fireplace. Hot young jock Andrew Fitch comes to give him a hand. It isnt more than a minute before the problem is found. Flipping the switch to the gas, the flames spring to life. Having solved the problem, the young man leaves. But, it isnt long though before boredom creeps in, his mind wandering to the hot young man who came by to help him out. Hatching a plan to have him come by again, Nick hides his phone charger and calls back down for assistance. He convinces the young man to come by, have a drink and read some of his work. Andrew is surprised, but he really enjoys his writing, having mis-judged him by his fit muscular body. Conversation turns to life, love, marriage and missed opportunities. Nick reaches over and rubs the young mans shoulders, his hand stroking up and down his neck. Leaning in for a kiss, their eyes both close t

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