Nick Starlight

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Nick Starlight is admiring the way he looks in his new uniform while tossing his football up in the air. He is wearing no underwear under his shorts and his thick cock is making its presence known every time he throws the ball. Nick pulls up his shirt to tweak his nipples before pulling it off completely and taking a seat on the bench. He grabs the bulge in his shorts and as he rubs on it, his cock grows even longer and thicker. Nick finally frees his dick and as he pulls the foreskin back from the head of his cock, I spy the first sign of pre-cum dripping from his piss slit. He rubs it into his cock and begins slowly jacking his meat. He stands up long enough to strip off his shorts, totally freeing him to get down to business. Nick spits on his cock, lubing it further. He spies himself in the mirror. The sight of his own reflection really turns him on and he begins jerking his cock even faster. As his breathing deepens and his own balls grow tight, he quickly grabs the football. Nicks cock deposits load after creamy white load of his sweet, tasty jizz all over that football. The only thing that would have made it better is if Nick would have licked the football clean when he fin

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