Naked Joeys Mind Control Tickling

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Joey J
Foot Fetish Pornstar Tickling

Its no secret that Joey is not only a huge guy, but hes also a huge bully at the gym. I decided I wasnt going to take it anymore and made my plan for revenge. I was able to put Joey in a trance at the gym without him even knowing it. Then I put the suggestion in his head that he was supposed to rush to my house to be tickled. The best part of the plan was that Joey, now at my house strapped down, is only able to ask for more tickling! He cant even ask me to stop anymore - so I just kept tickling and tickling and tickling. I sock gagged him and put vibrating toothbrushes on his feet, armpits, nipple and his naked balls. Joey seems to have learned his lesson - for now.

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