Stripping down to his underwear, Charli crawls onto the tabl

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Charli Lomoz

Stripping down to his underwear, Charli crawls onto the table waiting on the masseur to arrive. Slowly massaging the oil into Charlis back and arms it appears our masseur is getting a little aroused himself. He slides down Charlis underwear enough to expose Charlis hot, muscular ass. Intently working his ass cheeks for a few minutes our masseur takes off Charlis underwear and goes back to rubbing that nice plump ass and begins to tease Charlis man-hole. He pulls Charli up on his knees, displaying his ass in the air. Our masseur begins working both Charis cock and ass with an interesting yellow pylon device. The masseur is convinced that Charli is relaxed enough at this point and he needs to spice things up as hes not getting the reaction from Charli that hes used to getting from other guys. Once Charli rolls over on his back again our masseur begins to stroke and suck Charlis cock, which immediately springs to life. Charli pulls his legs back so that our masseur can continue working Charlis cock with his mouth and begin the ass massage with his finger. Our masseur returns to full focus on Charlis cock. He works it to frenzy and Charli shoots a very nice load all over his

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