Dave had never been touched by another guy and Alan was look

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Alan Carly
Dave Cargo

Dave had never been touched by another guy and Alan was looking to get in Daves pants. So Alan offers first a little foot massage. Dave does not mind the touching so he agrees to let Alan go a little further. First Alan removes Daves shirt and then Dave follows Alans lead and reciprocates. Kissing and touching, Alan continues to warm up Dave up and then Dave reaches over to undo Alanss pants. As our two studs stand up in their underwear, Alan slides Daves shorts down and out plops one of the biggest cocks weve seen in a while. So much so, that poor Alan keeps almost choking on it as Dave face fucks him mercilessly. Alan stands and drops his own underwear, Dave lies down on the sofa and Alan straddles Daves face giving both boys clear access to each other cocks. After a serious sixty-nine session Alan bends over on his knees giving up his ass to Daves huge cock. The fucking is intense as Dave keeps shoving his hard cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. Alan gets so loud with the moaning that Dave has to cover his mouth to keep the noise down. Alan rolls over on his back and Dave dives in for another crack at Alans ass. Dave gives it to Alan hard until Alan squirts a wet

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