Martin Porter was relaxing on a lounge in the yard when Cory

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Cory Davis
Martin Porter

Martin Porter was relaxing on a lounge in the yard when Cory Davis walked up behind him. Martin did not hear Cory walk up behind him and nor did he hear Cory unzip his pants. Martin just happens to roll over and he sees Cory standing behind him, pants down with his dick in his hand apparently fantasizing about what he wants to do to Martin. Martin motions Cory over and gladly swallows every inch of Corys cock. After servicing Corys cock Martin stand, pulls his shorts to his feet and Cory returns the cock service by working every inch of Martins rock hard cock. Cory takes the time to work Martins ass with both his finger and tongue, getting it ready for his cock. Cory goes slowly at first, allowing Martin to get used to his thickness, but, once in, Cory begins fucking Martin harder and faster. Cory flips Martin over on his back, pushes his legs back and shoves his cock right back into Martin. Martin takes his cock in hand as in rhythm with Corys strokes he jerks his dick, pleasuring himself. Cory gets over excited first and has to pull out as he blows his thick load jizz all over Martin. Completely exhausted Martin sits up, cum dripping off his stomach, and lip locks Cory in on

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