Luca Gros and Mikki Crain were bored so they decided it woul

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Luca Gros
Mikki Crain

Luca Gros and Mikki Crain were bored so they decided it would be fun to go climb into a tree. These two young studs were vaulting around the tree, chasing each other like happy monkeys. Mikki manages to catch up with Luca and as they sit down on a branch next to each other they immediately start kissing. Mikki jumps to the ground with Luca following and the kissing continues next to the wall with both boys pawing at each others clothes. Luca motions for Mikki to follow and the next thing we know Luca is stark naked, with a roaring hard-on and Mikki, using his finger and tongue, loosens Lucas asshole. Mikki grabs his cock while eating Lucas ass and he quickly shoots a thick, creamy load of jizz all over the floor. Mikki jumps up, slips on a condom and after crawling up behind Luca he buries it slowly into Lucas ass. Its not long before Luca is used to Mikkis cock and Mikki begins feverishly fucking young Luca. Ready for a flip-flop, Luca sits down on the carpet and Mikki sits down on Lucas cock where he begins bouncing up and down. Mikkis cock is so rigid from getting fucked by Lucas cock that its not even moving, simply standing at attention. Mikkis face and balls tell a

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