Skater Boy

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Drake Wild
Spencer Fox
Anal Hardcore Pornstar School

Spencer Fox thinks Drake Wild is sex served up on four wheels and a plank, so much so that Spencer even bought a skateboard just to hang out with Drake. Drakes pretty sure that Spencer isnt just hanging out to watch him skate, but thats cool with Drake because the rumour around campus is that Spencer has a huge dick and a tight hole. Drake wants to put his theory to a test and invites Spencer over after a particularly sweaty skate session. Drake invites Spencer to have a seat in the living room while he takes a shower, but the thought of Drake soapy and wet just a few feet away in another room is just too much for Spencer to handle. Spencer peeks inside the bathroom, dropping his pants he strokes his cock watching soapy bubbles run down Drakes back and down his ass crack - Spencer cant help but moan loudly at the sight of it. Drake hears Spencers moan and instantly knows hes being watched, turning around he chases Spencer back to the living room asking him if hed like a close-up. Spencer with his pants still down at this knees falls onto the couch, dick still rock hard tells Drake that he would very much like a close-up..... Spencer Fox thinks Drake Wild is sex served up on four wh

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