Daddys Big Boy, Scene 01

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Adam Russo
Sam Truitt
Anal Daddy Hardcore Pornstar

Adam Russo pulls up to his place to see his former stepson, Sam Truitt, waiting outside for him in the cold rain. The guys go inside to catch up. Theyve missed each other a lot since Adam and Sams mom were divorced. Sam says hed rather live with Adam even though hes not his biological dad, and leans in on Adams shoulder. Adam rubs Sams back and caresses his hand, and Sam places little kisses on Adams cheek. Sam looks up at Adam with his green puppy dog eyes and the two lean in to start kissing tenderly on the lips. Adam rubs his stepsons chest while the two make out on the couch. Then Sam takes things further and releases Adams hard cock from his pants, drops his head down and starts sucking his stepfather. The guys toss their clothes on the floor and Adam shoves Sams big dick into his mouth, bobbing up and down on it. Then in an unexpected turn of events, Sam starts fucking his stepdad. The twink piledrives into his daddy until he shoots a wad into Adams hairy stomach.

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